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10 Changes In 10 Years

Honda has always been known as a reliable brand in the auto market. The company is also dedicated to continuous improvement, as seen in the evolution of Honda vehicles in the past decade.

If you’re a resident of Denver, you know how important it is to own a reliable vehicle, such as a Honda. Here are 10 changes and improvements that Honda has implemented in the last decade.


Safety Features

Living in Denver means that you have to travel through slippery roads during winter. As a longtime advocate of road safety, Honda has further enhanced its vehicles’ safety features, such as airbags and braking systems.

Passenger Comfort

Keeping passengers comfortable has always been one of Honda’s priorities. From more spacious cabins to bigger rear seats, the brand has taken great strides with every new model.

Fuel Efficiency

Better fuel economy not only allows you to save money, but also helps the environment in the long run. Although already known for producing fuel-efficient vehicles, Honda still made several adjustments with regard to the fuel efficiency—a testament to the innovation they constantly display.

Overall Performance

Honda is committed to giving you a smooth driving experience, so it continuously improves its cars’ performance. With increased horsepower and engine reliability, Honda vehicles have been much easier to drive with every passing year.


The aesthetics of Honda vehicles continue to get more stylish. Whether you have a sedan, hatchback, or SUV, you’ll surely be proud cruising down the streets in your Honda.

Improved Interiors

Honda wants its vehicles’ interiors to be equally inviting and relaxing. By creating softer seat covers and larger cabin space, the company provides every passenger with a more comfortable driving experience.

Enhanced Dashboard

The dashboard serves as the control center of any driver. In the past 10 years, Honda has been adding more elements to its dashboards, such as features that are compatible with smartphones.

More Spacious Cargo Carriers

Space maximization is an often overlooked but essential factor of any car. Honda has redesigned its cars to have more cargo space, such as increasing trunk capacity and adding roof racks.

Brighter Lights

High-powered headlights can spell the difference between safety and disaster when you’re driving on a foggy night. Through the years, Honda has significantly upgraded the lighting systems of its vehicles.

Better Suspension

Honda’s research and development specialists leverage on technological advancements to make better cars. For instance, they have improved vehicle suspension in the past 10 years so that drivers can experience better handling.

When Innovation Meets Tradition

While innovation has been the brand’s driving force, Honda has also maintained a long-standing tradition of excellence. To be specific, Honda’s tradition is centered on providing vehicles that are safe, fuel-efficient, and can be passed down to future generations.

Get a Honda Civic, and Cruise the Streets in Style

Introduced to the market in 1973, the Civic has become the bread-and-butter of Honda in the past several decades. From trendier aesthetics to more fuel-efficient engines, the constant evolution of the Honda Civic has always been a marvel to witness. Drive home in a brand-new Civic today!

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