10 Items Coloradans Should Keep in Their Car

Honda has always been dedicated to providing efficient mobility as well as producing reliable vehicles that feature fuel efficiency. Honda also equips every vehicle with a high level of comfort, allowing drivers and passengers to enjoy the journey.

As a resident of Denver, you know how important it is to own a reliable automobile like Honda. It helps ensure your safety and comfort while you’re on the road. Here are 10 items that we advise every Coloradan to keep in his or her car for optimum safety and comfort, especially during unfavorable situations.

1 – Your Car Manual

Keep your car manual in your glove compartment because you’ll never know when it might come in handy. Honda car manuals are also available for download online.

2 – Siphon Pump

Honda cars are known for their fuel efficiency. However, you are always better safe than sorry. A siphon pump will come handy when you run out of fuel. It allows you to transfer gasoline from one tank or container to another.

3 – New Gas Can

Keeping a brand-new gas can in your car will prove to be wise if you run out of gas and there is no tank to siphon. However, never keep a gas can full as it is a fire hazard. Just keep enough to enable you to drive to a gas station.

4 – Traction Mats

As a Denver local, you know that wheels spinning on snow, ice, or mud is one of a driver’s toughest struggles. Here is a life hack: a portable traction mat. It helps you get back on the road.

5 – Reflective Triangles

Make sure that you have at least three reflective triangles, in case it takes more than a few minutes to do repairs on your car. The US Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards advise putting one triangle about 100 feet in front of your car, one triangle about 10 feet behind your car, and another about 100 feet behind.

6 – Blanket

Stashing a blanket in your trunk is a wise idea any time of the year. A blanket and warm clothing are lifesavers in the event of a blizzard, which may leave you stranded.

7 – Cash

Do not put all your faith in your credit card. At some point, you may find yourself needing to buy something from a small store on the side of the road, or a drink from a vending machine. When that happens, even the most prestigious platinum card won’t be of any help.

8 – Umbrella

Keeping an umbrella or two in your car always turns out to be wise. It will keep you safe from the cold rainwater and comfortable from the harsh rays of the sun.

9 – Emergency Phone Charger

Always keep a fully charged power bank in your car. Although you probably have a regular charger that you plug into your car, that would be useless if your car also runs out of power.

10 – Emergency Food and Water

Keep bottled water and some snacks in your car for emergency purposes.

Comfort and Safety: Always the Priority

Keep these 10 things in your car all the time for your security and convenience, just like how Honda team prioritizes your comfort and safety with every automobile that we manufacture.

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*Based on 2017 EPA mileage ratings. Use for comparison purposes only. Your mileage will vary depending on how you drive and maintain your vehicle.

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